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Winning Entries

Takedown Deep Deep Deep Takedown Takedown First place : Tele-Evangelists My brother renounced Christianity after some uncle on Shalom TV proclaimed that esus Christ’s blood type was AB +ve. Whether JC really could’ve been a candidate blood donor to me is a aquestion for another time. What amuses me now is how some uncle from…
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META Writing Events

Blackout Poetry Open to all Produce your poem by blacking out /retaining words in a newspaper-sheet in response to an assigned theme. Contest begins at 3:30 pm on Friday, 10th Feb 2017   Fandom Menace An on-the-spot fan-fiction contest open to all Participants will be given a starting paragraph which they must use to produce…
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The Prof. TG Vaidyanathan Memorial Film Review Contest 2017

The contest is held annually at META–the Josephite Festival of Literature to honour the memory of Prof. TG Vaidyanathan, noted film critic, and author of Hours in the Dark. TGV, as he was popularly known, reviewed both Indian and Hollywood films for various newspapers including Deccan Herald, and was a major inspiration to the College…
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Elocution Date: Saturday 2 Feb 2013 Time: 1500hrs-1700hrs. Open to school and college participants Participants may use poems, passages from novels, or monologues from plays Entry Fee: Rs. 25/- per participant Time on stage: 4+1 minutes. Prior registration essential. Please mail to register.  Story-telling Date: Monday 4 Feb 2013 Time: 1500hrs-1700hrs Open to school…
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Cosplay Date: Saturday 2 Feb 2013. Time: 1400hrs—1500hrs. Participants will dress up in costumes associated with fictional characters and act in character for the duration of the event. Prizes will be awarded in both individual and team categories Open to college students only. Entry Fee: Rs. 50/- Participants are advised to maintain propriety in their…
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Poster Contest Date: Monday 4 Feb 2013. Open to individual students and to school and college teams Participants can produce a poster/a set of posters to introduce an author, a book, a series or an idea in literature to a general audience. Participants can register on 2 Feb 2013. They must submit their work by 1500…
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 A quiz on books; open to schools, colleges and the general public. Teams of two members Entry Fee: Rs. 100/- per team. Rs. 50/- for school and college teams Date: Saturday 2 Feb 2013 Schedule: 1400hrs-1600hrs (Prelims followed by Finals) QM: Arul Mani


Meta 2013 will feature a total of five writing events. The Prof. Barbra Naidu Memorial Prize for the Personal Essay Participants must write a personal essay of about 1500-2000 words on the theme “Being Multilingual”. The contest is open to school and college students and to the general public. Submissions can be made either in…
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General Rules

META 2013 will feature contests in the writing, speaking, literary, art and performance categories. All events will be held in the Undergraduate and PG blocks of the college on Langford Road.  The contests are open to school and college students and will be held from 2 February 2013 to 8 February 2013.  Each institution can…
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