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Takedown Deep Deep Deep Takedown Takedown First place : Tele-Evangelists My brother renounced Christianity after some uncle on Shalom TV proclaimed that esus Christ’s blood type was AB +ve. Whether JC really could’ve been a candidate blood donor to me is a aquestion for another time. What amuses me now is how some uncle from…
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META 2018

The winners of the Prof. T.G. Vaidyanathan Memorial Film Review Contest are: 1. Venkataraman Ravindra (II MA, SJC). 2. Nikhita Thomas (I EJP, SJC). 3. Pranav Jagdish (PESIT).   The winners of Cover Drive held on 12th February are: 1. Sharon Varghese and Miracline Kiruba (II EJP, SJC). 2. Bibith Joy and Phillip Victor (II…
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META 2018 Day 11: Results for Straplines Journalism Quiz!

The winners of the quiz are: 1. Santosh Swaminarayan and Avinash Thirumalai. 2. Shared by Nishant Raman, Rajgopal PS and Anush Iyer, Pranav R. 3. Tanmay Prusty and Preyoshi Ganguly.

META 2018 Day 10: Results for Poetry Slam!

The winners of Poetry Slam are: 1. Sidhanth Ashok (II EJP, SJC). 2. Mehul Jain (III BCA, SJC). 3. Shared by Bhavishya Sundar (I EJP, SJC) and Nidhi Satish (BMS).

META 2018 Blue Pencil Day 9: Results for Nosecut and Anchor What!

The winners for Nosecut are: 1. Shared by Zoe Rita Patrick, Vignesh Kumaraguru and Gingolul Vaiphei, Maahir Mohiuddin. 2. Jones Biju and Devyani Satyam. 3. Chandni Shah and Nikita Nath. The winners of Anchor What are: 1. Nidal Abrar and Niranjan Raju. 2. Neeha Shaitus and Betcy S. 3. Chandni Shah and Bibith Joy.

META 2018 Blue Pencil Day 8: Results of the Interactive Photo Essay Contest!

The winners are: 1. Mark Sequeira and Nikhita Thomas. 2. Abhirami Bose and Shiyona Ann Gijo. 3. Shared by Sandra Jiju and Angel Maria, and Izrael Ria Samson.  

META 2018 Day 6: Results of The Prof. T.R.H. Peck Memorial Lecture Contest!

The winners are: 1. Maria Senora 2. Izrael Samson 3. Zahed Khan and Sister Triveni Mary.

META 2018 Day 5: Results for Bookends Quiz!

The winners of the College Category are: 1. Mythili S. Bhat and Chandni Shah Winners of the General Public Category are: 1. Tejaswi Udupa and Ramkey VE 2. Sumant Srivathsan and VV Shiv Kumar 3. Navin Rajaram and Kiran Vijaykumar   The finalists in no particular order are: 1. Debashree Mitra and Dharmendra D. 2.…
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META 2018 Day 4: Results for All Passions Spent MELAS Quiz!

The winners are: 1. Mohana Gopinath and Aditya Sareen (SJCC) with 210 points. 2. Nikhita Thomas and Sandra Jiju (SJC) with 185 points. 3. Senalda Royce and Gabriella Symms (SJC) with 180 points. The finalists were: 4. Donna Eva and Archita Raghu (SJC) with 155 points. 5. Venkatraman R. and Bhargav BSR (SJC) with 125…
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