Takedown (2nd place) @ metonym 2019

Second Place: Gobi Manchurian Deciding a place to go out with my friends is impossible. It’s easier to schedule Izrael-Palestine peace talks. Everyone has a favorite darshini and all of us have to go only there to eat Gobi manchurian. Only Gobi Manchurian. Honestly, gobi manchurian rarely even tastes like gobi. It is just a ...

Takedown (1st place) @ metonym 2019

First place : Tele-Evangelists My brother renounced Christianity after some uncle on Shalom TV proclaimed that esus Christ’s blood type was AB +ve. Whether JC really could’ve been a candidate blood donor to me is a aquestion for another time. What amuses me now is how some uncle from some obscure part of Kerala decided ...

Deep Deep Deep @ metonym 2019

First place: Surety  On humming rubber along this white concrete, Light hearted between the gravities, Of source and destination like a man, Half way to the moon . The lightness is flightless; Doubt has weighed anchor to hamper the pockets Of my mind that are sure of things like If the moon is real. – ...

The Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–Overall Winner

Of Distances Ila Ananya Jury Citation Ila Ananya’s personal vignettes are drawn with an almost painterly craft. Searing and full of detail, her images are impossible to forget. She offers us no easy answers or manicured biography, just the ambivalences of memory.

The Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–Open Winner

Living Online Siddharth Vodnala Jury Citation Siddharth Vodnala’s raucous essay is a chatty guided tour of chatroom subcultures. Allusion follows anecdote in this joy-filled ode to the internet, from one of its most loyal inhabitants.

The Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–School Winner

Living Online Shalom Gauri 11C, Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore. Jury Citation Shalom’s essay is a laugh-out-loud funny expose of alternative school pretension. Bangalore’s multiple online subcultures star in this wry yet strangely hopeful fly-on-the-wall dissection of teenage social life.

The Prof. Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–College Prize

College Winner: Varun Ramesh, SJC.   BEING MULTILINGUAL   Is something I would not know about. My lingual is solely singular, and for this, I have few regrets.

The Prof. Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–Open Winner

Prithwiraj Mukherjee Being Multilingual

The Prof. Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–School Winner

Dipika Subramaniam Grade 9. NAFL. Being Multilingual    ‘Being multilingual’. The phrase itself brings different thoughts to my head. Several, actually.

The T.G. Vaidyanathan Memorial Film Review Contest

III Place: Aliya Abreo, SJC.   Yes, I know. It’s almost midnight, and I was supposed to have given this in by 9:00p.m. But, you know what, I’m just gonna go right ahead and write it, and give it in anyway, because I’m feeling lonely right now, I need to talk to somebody, about something. ...