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META 2018 Day 2: Spelling Bee and Bollygood Results

Spelling Bee Udipto Pukhan (IIEJP) Gingolul Vaiphei (IEJP) Sharmistha R. Somayaji (IIEPS) From left: Udipto Phukan, Gingolul Vaiphei, and Sharmistha R. Somayaji. Bollygood Nikita Nath (IIIEJP) Roshni Raghunathan (IIEJP) Abbas Atersumbawala(IPEM) From top: Nikita Nath, Roshni Raghunathan (left), and Abbas Atersumbawala (right).

META 2018 Day 1: Results for Just A Minute

The winners are Zahed Khan (IICPE) Mehul Jain (IIIBCA) R Rohit (IEJP) From left: Mehul Jain, Zahed Khan, and R Rohit.

META 2018

META February, in Rome, was the month of fevers. At St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), the month is associated with another kind of fever altogether. META is an annual festival of literature, open to college students and the general public, run by The Department of English, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Bangalore. But Meta? The Greek term…
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The Prof. TG Vaidyanathan Memorial Film Review Contest 2017

The contest is held annually at META–the Josephite Festival of Literature to honour the memory of Prof. TG Vaidyanathan, noted film critic, and author of Hours in the Dark. TGV, as he was popularly known, reviewed both Indian and Hollywood films for various newspapers including Deccan Herald, and was a major inspiration to the College…
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META 2017

Results for Metonym 2016

Fan Fiction 1. Sagar Nambiar (II CEZ) 2. Archita Raghu (I EJP) 3. Saurav. H (II CEZ) Poetry contest 1. Ribhu (II EJP) 2. Rajeswari (II MA English) 3. Melvin Mathew (I MA English) and Kushal Choudhary (I PEM) Bollygood 1. Amanda (II MA ENG) 2. Nikita Nath (II EJP) 3. Nyrika (II BCom C)…
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The Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–Overall Winner

Of Distances Ila Ananya Jury Citation Ila Ananya’s personal vignettes are drawn with an almost painterly craft. Searing and full of detail, her images are impossible to forget. She offers us no easy answers or manicured biography, just the ambivalences of memory.

The Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–Open Winner

Living Online Siddharth Vodnala Jury Citation Siddharth Vodnala’s raucous essay is a chatty guided tour of chatroom subcultures. Allusion follows anecdote in this joy-filled ode to the internet, from one of its most loyal inhabitants.

The Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–School Winner

Living Online Shalom Gauri 11C, Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore. Jury Citation Shalom’s essay is a laugh-out-loud funny expose of alternative school pretension. Bangalore’s multiple online subcultures star in this wry yet strangely hopeful fly-on-the-wall dissection of teenage social life.

All the contests at META 2014

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