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Category: Fandom Week

Guests From the Other Side

This piece won third place in Fandom Menace at Metonym 2020. Parvathi was on one of the mandatory rounds of patrol of the bazaar surrounding the palace grounds, when she heard a commotion. She turned around to investigate the problem. A shopkeeper was selling her copper wares to two men but instead of selling her…
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Gandalf, where are we?

Parvathy Shaji of 3rd CEB won 2nd place in Fandom Menace in Metonym 2020. “Gandalf, where are we?” “I can’t be too sure but I think this ring of yours would know.”, said Gandalf twirling the yellow ring in his hands. Gandalf was enjoying his afternoon in the Shire after a really long time when…
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Of Calvin and Hobbes

By Yasmin Daniel of 1st JIP. This piece won Fandom Menace at Metonym 2020. Hobbes didn’t know what to think. Actually, scratch that. Hobbes hadn’t known what to think when Calvin had proudly presented his new machine; or what to think when the machine actually worked (Calvin’s machines had a surprising habit of working against…
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