My (Top-Secret) Reading Addiction

In which faculty talk about their reading lives, and make possibly damaging admissions under the benign gaze of a Grand Inquisitor. Much fun, though not for the speakers.

Conversations with Young Writers

 Sunday, 2nd Feb 2013 Kannada writer  Mounesh Badiger  will read from his work at Banyan Tree. He will be in conversation with Prof. Vijeta and Vinay Kambipura

And wot is a lec-dem?

SPICMACAY made the compact term lec-dem popular in the 1980s; it then denoted an intimate, explicatory session between musician/performer and an audience unfamiliar with the musician’s form. We are borrowing the term for our series of conversations with teachers/performers/artists who use technology to construct texts in new ways.

Day One

Day One

Download the Schedule

Download the Schedule
The full schedule of events can be downloaded here Meta 2013 Schedule


META 2013 The Josephite Festival of Literature 2 Feb 2013 to 8 Feb 2013 3 pm to 7 pm

Histories of the City

The Bangalore RoundTable How is Bangalore ‘produced’ by historians and novelists? How is this production shaped by their writing in English? We could also turn that question on its head and ask if Bangalore inspires and produces a specific kind of writer/writing. These and other related questions will be raised and answered by our panellists. ...

The Children’s Literature RoundTable

Taboos/Trends in Children’s Literature

Schedule of Readings

Schedule of Readings


Elocution Date: Saturday 2 Feb 2013 Time: 1500hrs-1700hrs. Open to school and college participants Participants may use poems, passages from novels, or monologues from plays Entry Fee: Rs. 25/- per participant Time on stage: 4+1 minutes. Prior registration essential. Please mail to register.  Story-telling Date: Monday 4 Feb 2013 Time: 1500hrs-1700hrs Open to school ...