META February, in Rome, was the month of fevers. At St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), the month is associated with another kind of fever altogether. META is an annual festival of literature, open to college students and the general public,  run by The Department of English, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Bangalore. But Meta? The Greek term ...

The Prof. Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–College Prize

College Winner: Varun Ramesh, SJC.   BEING MULTILINGUAL   Is something I would not know about. My lingual is solely singular, and for this, I have few regrets.

The Prof. Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–Open Winner

Prithwiraj Mukherjee Being Multilingual

The Prof. Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–School Winner

Dipika Subramaniam Grade 9. NAFL. Being Multilingual    ‘Being multilingual’. The phrase itself brings different thoughts to my head. Several, actually.

The T.G. Vaidyanathan Memorial Film Review Contest

III Place: Aliya Abreo, SJC.   Yes, I know. It’s almost midnight, and I was supposed to have given this in by 9:00p.m. But, you know what, I’m just gonna go right ahead and write it, and give it in anyway, because I’m feeling lonely right now, I need to talk to somebody, about something. ...

The T.G. Vaidyanathan Memorial Film Review Contest

II Place: Vidya Gopal, SJC. One of the most interesting conversations in the film “Where do we go now?” is between the two priests, the Pastor and the Imam as they contemplate ways and means to prevent the outbreak of Communal strife in their village.

The T.G. Vaidyanathan Memorial Film Review Contest

Winner: Vidya Balasubramaniam Institution: St. Joseph’s College Where Do We Go Now”  A typical scene of communal disharmony. Despairing families, violence and bloodshed. Women who are suppressed by the males in their society, and a partition between the discordant religions as thick as the Iron Curtain.

My (Top-Secret) Reading Addiction

In which faculty talk about their reading lives, and make possibly damaging admissions under the benign gaze of a Grand Inquisitor. Much fun, though not for the speakers.

Conversations with Young Writers

 Sunday, 2nd Feb 2013 Kannada writer  Mounesh Badiger  will read from his work at Banyan Tree. He will be in conversation with Prof. Vijeta and Vinay Kambipura

And wot is a lec-dem?

SPICMACAY made the compact term lec-dem popular in the 1980s; it then denoted an intimate, explicatory session between musician/performer and an audience unfamiliar with the musician’s form. We are borrowing the term for our series of conversations with teachers/performers/artists who use technology to construct texts in new ways.