Magister 2017–the top 100

Magister 2017 saw 209 participants writing  from across 19 venues in India, and one in Kuwait. Given below are the consolidated rankings. We will shortly put up a ranking of everyone who took part, and a category-wise sorting as well. These individuals will hold the title of Magister in their respective categories. The overall college ...

META Writing Events

META Writing Events
Blackout Poetry Open to all Produce your poem by blacking out /retaining words in a newspaper-sheet in response to an assigned theme. Contest begins at 3:30 pm on Friday, 10th Feb 2017   Fandom Menace An on-the-spot fan-fiction contest open to all Participants will be given a starting paragraph which they must use to produce ...

The Prof. TG Vaidyanathan Memorial Film Review Contest 2017

The Prof. TG Vaidyanathan Memorial Film Review Contest 2017
The contest is held annually at META–the Josephite Festival of Literature to honour the memory of Prof. TG Vaidyanathan, noted film critic, and author of Hours in the Dark. TGV, as he was popularly known, reviewed both Indian and Hollywood films for various newspapers including Deccan Herald, and was a major inspiration to the College ...

Magister 2017 Venues

Magister 2017–Registrations

META 2017

META 2017

Results for Metonym 2016

Fan Fiction 1. Sagar Nambiar (II CEZ) 2. Archita Raghu (I EJP) 3. Saurav. H (II CEZ) Poetry contest 1. Ribhu (II EJP) 2. Rajeswari (II MA English) 3. Melvin Mathew (I MA English) and Kushal Choudhary (I PEM) Bollygood 1. Amanda (II MA ENG) 2. Nikita Nath (II EJP) 3. Nyrika (II BCom C) ...

Meta Schools 2016 Results

Seniors Overall Championship – St. Paul’s English High School Spelling Bee 1. Ghanavi Umesh (NPS Yeshwantpur) 2. Sriraksha (Jain College VV Puram) 3. R. Harish (NPS Yeshwantpur) Cartooning 1. Ayudh (NPS Yeshwantpur) 2. Bharat (Jain College VV Puram) 3. Sneha Jain (NPS Yeshwantpur) Illustration 1. Amishi (MCC) 2. Taru (MCC) 3. Vishal Prasanna (Bishop Cottons) ...

The Prof. Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–Overall Winner 2014

Finding   Culture Arjun Shatrunjay   Hyderabad  The day    of    the    competition    drew    close,    and    preparations    were    in    full    swing.    My    father,    having    spent    two    hours    on    a    precious    Sunday    morning    had    painstakingly    translated    the    story    of    Cinderella,    so    that    a    four    year    old    me    could    recite    this    story    in    e    Hindi    recitation    competition    in    my    ...

The Barbra Naidu Prize for the Personal Essay–Overall Winner

Of Distances Ila Ananya Jury Citation Ila Ananya’s personal vignettes are drawn with an almost painterly craft. Searing and full of detail, her images are impossible to forget. She offers us no easy answers or manicured biography, just the ambivalences of memory.