Meta Schools 2023

The Department of English at the School of Languages and Literatures hosted the much-awaited event, Meta Schools 2023, which marked its sixth edition this year. The event was a celebration of language, imagination, and creativity, and was open to high-school and PUC (11th and 12th grade) students. The grand inauguration took place in the Xavier Hall, commencing at 9:00 AM. The event was masterfully introduced by Mini Ma’am, whose warm and energetic welcome set the tone for the exciting day ahead.

The schedule for the day was unveiled, promising a plethora of engaging activities and contests. At 8:30 AM, the registration buzzed with enthusiasm outside the Xavier hall, where volunteers sported vibrant yellow attire adorned with cheerful yellow heart motifs on their faces.

Yellow OBs and professors

The competitive spirit soared as the day kicked off with simultaneous events. The De Nobili Hall hosted the spelling bee prelims, a test of linguistic prowess, while the Xavier Hall became a canvas for the colorful cartooning contest. At 10:30 AM, the Aloysius Hall provided a haven for the fanfiction writing contest, sparking the imaginative minds of the participants. This event particularly stood out, as it encouraged students to spin enthralling stories using their favorite fictional characters, bridging the gap between literature and creativity. The vibrant spirit of Meta Schools 2023 continued to flourish as the first event of the day, the Cartooning contest, unfolded in the enchanting Xavier Hall at 9:30 AM. The event was hosted by Christine from II MA English, who set the stage for a day of artistic exploration and imaginative expression.

Participants, both junior and senior, gathered to showcase their artistic flair in this colorful competition. The event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of two junior contenders and seven senior participants hailing from St. Claret PUC and Mount Carmel PUC. Rosemary, with her clear and cheerful articulation, announced the rules and topics that would inspire the artistic creations.

The creative minds were ignited with two intriguing themes: “Making Tik-Tok Videos” and “The Disappearing Tomato – Some Theories.” The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as participants were directed to write their names and categories on the smooth side of the KG Cardboard, while the rough side became the canvas for their imaginative cartoons.

With pencils in hand and KG cardboard provided by the department, participants embarked on their artistic journey. Each participant was granted one hour to translate their ideas into captivating visual narratives. Prof. Vijeta and Prof. Gayathri, keen observers of the creative process, ensured that the event flowed seamlessly, fostering an environment of artistic freedom and expression.

Meta Schools JAM: A Symphony of Words and Wit

The literary fervor intensified as the META Schools JAM took center stage in the Xavier Hall. This riveting event featured seven talented participants representing various schools across Bangalore. The lineup included Nitya Dani and Firmin K Leo from Mount Carmel PUC, Aryaki Gupta and Ben Sabu from St. Claret PUC, Adarsh and Sohan from St. John’s High School, and Adithi Hareesh from NPS Yeshwanthpur.

Guiding the participants through the captivating rounds was Prof. Vismaya, the JAM master, who orchestrated the event with finesse. A riff round commenced, acquainting the participants with the game’s rules and setting the tone for an enthralling exchange of words and wit. The rounds offered an eclectic mix of topics, ranging from “The boys washroom” and “The Panchak sound” to “Double meaning texting” and “pen fight,” among others.

As the main round commenced, the topic “elevator rides” took center stage. Aditi showcased remarkable endurance, scoring bonus points for sustaining her narrative until the 60-second mark. The subsequent round explored the theme of “filling ink in pens,” where Firmin demonstrated exceptional timing, earning 10 points for her 60-second presentation. She was further rewarded an additional point for her delivery.

The preliminary rounds set the stage for an intense competition, with Nitya from Mount Carmel PU College leading the scoreboard with an impressive 60 points.

The subsequent rounds unveiled thought-provoking themes like “shady friend” and “unfair punishments.” Aryaki skillfully extended her discourse to the 60-second mark, earning her 10 points in the former round. Nitya continued to shine, securing an additional 10 points in the “unfair punishments” round.

The participation of audience members enriched the final rounds, offering a dynamic and entertaining twist to the proceedings. Amidst laughter and camaraderie, topics like “Sunny Side up,” “Rotten fruits,” “Flying chappals,” and “Bollywood Dupattas” sparked a symphony of spontaneous narratives.

As the event reached its climax, participants passionately shared their thoughts on the topic “first crush.” Adarsh achieved bonus points for skillfully navigating the 60-second mark, demonstrating his prowess in the art of improvisation.

With a flourish, the winners of the Meta Schools JAM were unveiled. Nitya Dani from Mount Carmel PU College clinched the coveted first place, her eloquence and spontaneity setting her apart. Aryaki Gupta from St. Claret PU College secured the second position, her compelling narratives leaving a lasting impression. The third place was a tie, a testament to the participants’ exceptional performances, shared by Adarsh from St. John’s High School and Ben Sabu from St. Claret PU College.

As the eventful day continued to unfold, Meta Schools 2023 showcased the incredible talents and creativity of young minds, weaving a tapestry of language, imagination, and camaraderie.

The fanfiction competition, conducted in the Aloysius hall from 10:30 to 11:35 AM, saw a vibrant participation of 29 students. Among them, eight were from the junior category and twenty-one represented the senior segment. Participants were given explicit guidelines: their fanfiction pieces must not exceed 500 words, blend only two fictional universes, and conclude with the rendition of two lines from a peculiar song. Armed with writing sheets and fueled by creativity, students embarked on their literary journeys, igniting their chosen characters within the realms of their imagination.

The writing challenge began with an intriguing starter: “A coconut opened its eyes, waited and screamed. The red ant brigades scattered in six directions.” The atmosphere brimmed with focused energy as students fervently crafted their narratives. The juniors and seniors competed separately, with the anticipation of three winners emerging from each category. The announcement of results and distribution of certificates was set to take place during the valedictory function at 1:00 PM.

Simultaneously, the Meta Spelling Bee prelims commenced at the De Nobili hall, under the guidance of Nadika Ma’am. Students from junior and senior categories were engaged in an exhilarating battle of words. Divided into three sessions, the preliminary round encompassed tasks ranging from error identification to unveiling hidden meanings within words and rearranging anagrams. The atmosphere was charged with intellectual fervor and competitive spirit.

The event culminated in the much-awaited finals of the Spelling Bee at 11:00 AM. The finalists, including Ramith G, Ragapriya G, Sunidhi S. S, Sukrit Sivaprasad, Unnati N. M, Dev Anoop, and Saanvi Patil, faced off in four rounds of intense competition hosted by Shweta. These rounds alternated between writing and spelling challenges, testing the contestants’ vocabulary, linguistic precision, and strategic thinking.

With every correct spelling and thoughtfully penned word, the participants illuminated the corridors of St. Joseph’s University with their intellectual prowess. The event underscored the fusion of language and creativity, encouraging young minds to explore the depths of literary expression.

Quiz Prelims – A Quest for Knowledge

As the sun climbed higher in the sky, the quest for knowledge continued with the Quiz Prelims, held on the morning of 18th August, 2023, at 10 AM in the De Nobili Hall. The air was charged with anticipation as young minds gathered to demonstrate their acumen in this exhilarating intellectual battle. The quiz, conducted as a team effort, featured two categories: junior and senior, adding an exciting dimension to the competition.

The Gen Z quiz comprised a total of 20 thought-provoking questions, each serving as a gateway to explore the realms of diverse knowledge. Pranav, the quiz master, skillfully guided the participants through the questions, offering hints that ignited their curiosity and strategic thinking. The event resonated with the energy of enthusiastic participation, and the quiz continued to challenge the teams’ intellects until 10:30 AM.

Nadika Ma’am, a watchful overseer of the proceedings, ensured that the event flowed seamlessly, fostering an atmosphere of healthy competition and intellectual engagement. The conclusion of the quiz was met with a sweet treat, as chocolates were distributed while answers were cross-checked.

The preliminary round yielded eight teams that showcased their prowess and earned the opportunity to proceed to the finals. The qualifying teams were as follows:

  • Aditya and Pranith G. from NPS YPR (Junior)
  • Jayanth J and Sukrit S. from NPS YPR (Junior)
  • Pratherksha J and Eryl Oswin from St. Claret (Senior)
  • Kevin Mac Leon and Princess Max from St. John’s High School (Senior)
  • Ela and Ram from St. Claret (Senior)
  • Jeslyn and Harini from Mount Carmel PUC (Senior)
  • Rashika Agarwal and Niriksha Raj from NPS YPR (Junior)
  • Renita Christabel and Sumaiya Samreen from Mount Carmel PUC (Senior)

Quiz Finals – Unveiling the Victors

The excitement escalated as the clock approached 11:50 AM, heralding the Quiz Finals of Meta Schools 2023. The finalists, a distinguished group of eight teams, eagerly took the stage, their minds poised to tackle the challenging rounds that lay ahead.

Dr. Arul Mani graced the event with his presence, addressing the assembled crowd before the commencement of the finals. The rules of the final showdown were meticulously elucidated by the professor, setting the stage for a riveting display of intellectual prowess.

The finals unfolded in four rounds, each designed to test the contestants’ knowledge, quick thinking, and strategic decision-making:

Round 1 – Written Round: Participants tackled five questions, each carrying 10 points. A unique twist awaited, allowing contestants to stake +5/+10 in case they were sure of an answer, adding an element of calculated risk to their responses as they would lose the same amount if they got it wrong.

Round 2 – Quick Thinking and Strategy: Six questions, each bearing 10 points, formed the heart of this round. Teams had the option to pass if answers eluded them, while a pounce mechanism added excitement and a dash of risk.

Round 3 – Rapid Fire Knowledge: The tempo intensified with six rapid-fire questions, each valued at 10 points. Pounces were embraced, underscoring the participants’ depth of understanding and ability to seize opportunities.

Round 4 – The Culminating Challenge: The final round comprised five questions, each worth 10 points. The participants engaged with their accumulated knowledge and analytical skills, striving to emerge victorious.

As the rounds progressed, the Xavier hall echoed with intense deliberation, strategic discussions, and swift answers. The atmosphere was charged with an electrifying blend of competition and camaraderie, reflecting the participants’ dedication and passion for knowledge.

Junior Category Winners – NPS Yeshwantpur
Senior Category Winners – St. Claret’s PU College

With the final question answered, the results were tabulated, and the winners received their prizes and certificates at the valedictory. In the Meta Schools Overall Championship, NPS Yeshwanthpur took home the trophy in the junior category, while St. Claret’s PU College won the trophy in the senior category. Meta Schools 2023 witnessed a showcase of intellectual excellence, an embodiment of the synergy between learning and camaraderie.

Report by Megan Fernandes and Ahmadi Arafa

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