META 2018 Day 4: Results for All Passions Spent MELAS Quiz!

The winners are:

1. Mohana Gopinath and Aditya Sareen (SJCC) with 210 points.

2. Nikhita Thomas and Sandra Jiju (SJC) with 185 points.

3. Senalda Royce and Gabriella Symms (SJC) with 180 points.

The finalists were:

4. Donna Eva and Archita Raghu (SJC) with 155 points.

5. Venkatraman R. and Bhargav BSR (SJC) with 125 points.

6. Zahed Khan and Ribhu Singh (SJC) with 110 points.

7. Zoey Rita Patrick and Shweta Phillip (SJC) with 80 points.

8. Arjun CM and Richa Saha (SJC) with 75 points.

9. Sri Ram B. (Christ) and Nirica S. (Azim Premji University) with 202.5 points—non-competitive.

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