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February, in Rome, was the month of fevers. At St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), the month is associated with another kind of fever altogether.

META is an annual festival of literature, open to college students and the general public,  run by The Department of English, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Bangalore.

But Meta?
The Greek term ‘meta’ is often used in the sense of ‘beyond”. The title of our festival reflects the capacity for transcending the everyday that literature confers upon its readers. It also acknowledges the new modes of textuality and expression made possible by technology: a moving beyond what is traditionally seen as literature. And, who knows,  after you’ve come by and struck up a couple of conversations, or friendships, you might want to say this is where I meta bunch of nice people.

META 2017 will begin on 10 February 2017 and run till 22 February 2017. We celebrate the baroque imagination through our theme this year: Over the Top.

The fifth edition will feature writing contests, a quiz festival titled Tie Grab,  a journalism festival titled Blue Pencil, panels, lec-dems, performances and several new features: Found Book, where speakers will introduce books that took them by surprise,  Double Action, a reading/translation exercise,  Who Shall I Say is Calling?, a celebration of the written and spoken word, and Republic of Tolerance, a daily dissection of the present.

If you have questions or feedback to offer, please email or the webmaster:

META 2016 ran  from 10 February 2016 to 20 February 2016.  The  theme for 2016 was Imagine Worlds; this year, META will celebrate the underrated arts of imagination and creativity.META 2016 features 7 Round Tables, 10 Lec-Dems–including a new series titled The Craft of Journalism, 4 conversations with writers in a series titled The Writing Life , 7 Re-readings–where critics revisit books they have read,  30 Contests (most for college students, some for school students and the general public), and  Performances.

Want to see what META 2016 was like? DOWNLOAD the full schedule here .

The first one, META 2013, lasted seven days–2nd February 2013 to 8th February 2013. And featured contests open to schools, colleges and the general public, interactions with young writers, readings from literature,  lecturedemonstrations, panel discussions and sessions where faculty admitted to  secret reading addictions.

META 2014: The second edition was a ten-day affair, stretching from 4 Feb 2014 to 13 Feb 2014 and was organised around the theme of archiving and memory.

META 2015 lasted twelve days.

In 2015, META became three separate events: an inhouse festival  titled Metonym, a schools-only edition titled META Schools  over two days in November 27 to 28th 2015, and META 2016.


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