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And wot is a lec-dem?

And wot is a lec-dem?

SPICMACAY made the compact term lec-dem popular in the 1980s; it then denoted an intimate, explicatory session between musician/performer and an audience unfamiliar with the musician’s form. We are borrowing the term for our series of conversations with teachers/performers/artists who use technology to construct texts in new ways.

The series:

2 Feb 2013

Cheriyan Alexander on Art and Poetry at Seminar Room 1630 hrs

3 Feb 2013

Dev Sukumar On the Sports Biography at PG AV Room 1500 hrs

4 Feb 2013

The VideoPoetry Group demonstrate their work at Xavier Hall 1630 hrs

5 Feb 2013

Kathalaya  On Story-Telling at Xavier Hall 1530 hrs

6 Feb 2013

Raam Reddy on Film and Narrative at PG AV Room 1700 hrs

7 Feb 2013

Prof. Vimala Rao on Reading/Researching Nabokov at PG AV Room 1500 hrs

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