Histories of the City

The Bangalore RoundTable

How is Bangalore ‘produced’ by historians and novelists? How is this production shaped by their writing in English? We could also turn that question on its head and ask if Bangalore inspires and produces a specific kind of writer/writing. These and other related questions will be raised and answered by our panellists.

Date: 5 February 2013
Time: 5: 30 pm
Venue: Banyan Tree Quadrangle, UG Block, St. Joseph’s College,Langford Road, Bangalore.

Narendar Pani is Professor at the School of Social Sciences, NIAS and edited the volume Bengaluru, Bangalore, Bengaluru–Imaginations and Their Times.

Anita Nair lives and writes in Bangalore. Her latest novel Cut Like Wound features an Inspector Borei Gowda in pursuit of a serial killer in the streets of Shivaji Nagar during the Ramadan month.

K.R.Usha is Managing Editor of the IIMB Management Review and the author of several acclaimed novels such as Sojourn, The Chosen, A Girl and a River, and Monkey-Man, a novel about a strange creature whose activities draw widespread attention in the early days of the IT Boom in Bangalore.

Lawrence Liang works with the Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore. His research on the politics of copyright has made him an internationally respected figure. He is also an ardent documenter of city lore, and the many ways in which people adapt technologies such as video and photocopying to fit their passions.

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