Bangalore, India
The Department of English, St. Joseph’s College

The English Department is one of the oldest departments in St. Josephs College which has been functioning since the inception of the institution. The Department has had many stalwarts like professors TRH Peck, T Balasubramaniam, Fr. Julian Fernandez SJ, Fr. Hedwig D’Costa, Fr. Devasagayam SJ, PS Balasubramaniam, and Barbra Naidu.

The Department has over the years conceived many innovations in English teaching and was the first to adopt the certificate course model. The streamed syllabus model was introduced in 2005 to ensure that equal attention is given to students from all backgrounds while assisting them to improve their language skills. A ‘lived experience’ model is employed for General English teaching for professional courses like BCA and BVC.

In 2005 the department instituted the MA English program. In 2013 the EJP course was started in St. Josephs College and the Department offered the Journalism course in the combination. A Communicative English program, CPE, was started in 2016.

The Department also runs several co-curricular and extra-curricular initiatives like the College Literary Society, Causerie – a series of interactions with outside experts, Meta – the annual festival of literature, Meta Schools, and Metonym – an in-house festival. The Performing Arts Society under the Department also offers entry-level training in theatre and performance. The Department also runs the College Quiz Club and hosts an annual nationwide quiz competition called Magister. Tie Grab is the annual quiz festival by the quiz club. The Department also brings out a bi-annual magazine of student writing called EngSter.


The Literary Society

The one stop for all things literary, The Literary Society organises monthly causeries, the interclass lit fest, Metonym, the interschool lit fest Meta Schools, and the intercollegiate lit fest Meta.



The journalism society, Nous, organises weekly screenings of forgotten films in addition to our low-key monthly event titled Quiet Debate. Nous also organises our intercollegiate journalism fest, Blue Pencil.


Performing Arts Society

For all things theatre, the Performing Arts Society holds weekly JAM workshops in addition to our interclass theatre fest Intramural, and the intercollegiate theatre fest, Upstage.


Quiz Club

One of the busiest societies at SJC, every Saturday at the quiz club is spent at Open House and Push Ups. The Quiz Club also organises the annual quiz fest, TieGrab.